Event Parking / Event Buses


Due to the number of people involved with the event, parking will be very limited at Scenic World / KCC. It will be paid parking only at the main event carpark on KCC oval at the following times so people can guarantee themselves a car parking spot:

  • On Friday morning for Pace UTA22 runners and spectators to park near Scenic World and catch buses to the start line at Queen Victoria Hospital
  • On Friday evening for the 100km and 50km race check-in and race briefing
  • There will be no parking at the main event carpark on Saturday before 9:15am due to road closures

Please do whatever you can to limit the number of cars associated with the event at these times. The goal is for as many people as possible to take the free event shuttle bus service between Katoomba town centre and Scenic World (Refer to 'Free Event Shuttle Bus' section below). If you are staying outside of Katoomba and need to drive, think about parking in a street close to one of the event bus stops and taking the bus. Otherwise please car pool, take a taxi, or walk if staying in nearby accommodation. The following two parking options are available at Scenic World / KCC:

1) Main Event Carpark

The main event carpark is on dirt and grass on KCC oval on the corner of Cliff Drive and Violet Street and directly opposite the start / finish area at Scenic World. This is paid parking all day Friday. During this time, parking will only be available to cars with a special pre-purchased parking pass.

A limited number of parking passes are available for pre-purchase until sold out. There are 2 different pre-purchased parking passes available:
  • Pace UTA22 Parking Pass: (for parking Friday 6:30am to Friday 3pm): $15. Note: Cars must exit carpark by 3pm Friday. To remain in the carpark after 3pm Friday, you must also purchase a Friday Afternoon Parking Pass as listed below.
  • Friday Afternoon Parking Pass (for parking Friday 3pm to Friday 8pm): $15. Note: To also park in the carpark prior to 3pm Friday, you must also purchase a Pace UTA22 Parking Pass as listed above.

Note there is no parking available at the main event carpark on Saturday before 9:15am due to road closures.

Parking passes will be available for purchase from March 2018.

Each pre-purchased parking pass will give multiple access to KCC oval carpark at any time during the relevant paid parking period. At all other times outside of 6:30am Friday to 8pm Friday, the parking is free on KCC oval (with no parking available on Saturday before 9:15am). Parking passes will be emailed immediately on purchase and must be either printed out or displayed on a mobile device upon arrival to the carpark during paid parking periods. The parking marshals will hand you the relevant ticket to display in your vehicle while you are parked. This ticket will also be used for re-entry to the carpark during paid parking periods.

The entrance to KCC oval parking area is via 113 Cliff Drive and the exit is onto Cliff Drive at the corner of Violet St and Cliff Drive.

2) Limited carparking at Scenic World

The Scenic World multi-storey carpark has 220 free car parking spaces. It can be used at most times during the week when there is space available. However cars must not park in The Scenic World multi-story carpark on Friday morning for the Pace UTA22 as that will mean normal visitors to Scenic World have no place to park. It will also not be available on the Saturday morning due to road closures which will block access to the carpark. It will be available again for parking after 9am Saturday.


In normal dry conditions, parking will not be permitted at any time on the streets surrounding KCC and Scenic World (no parking on Violet St, Oak St, Kamillaroi Rd, Acacia St, Cedar St, Fern St, Cliff Drive, Ficus St, Peckmans Rd or Neale St). In wet conditions, cars with pre-purchased parking passes only will be directed to park around the streets. Obey all marshals and 'No Parking' signs. Also take note of NSW General Parking Rules if parking on any other streets. Local traffic police will be doing checks and issuing fines for any illegal parking.


The map below shows the Saturday morning road closures on the streets surrounding Scenic World so the event precinct can be completely sealed off from vehicles. The road closures will be in operation between 5am and 9:15am Saturday. The outer perimeter of the event precinct is formed by road closures at Narrow Neck & Cliff Drive, Neale St & Peckmans Road and Cliff Drive & Katoomba Falls Road. The roads surrounding Scenic World will be open to traffic at all other times.


On Saturday morning there are five ways to access Scenic World:
  • Walk to Scenic World
  • Walk to an event bus stop and catch the free event shuttle bus (see below)
  • Get dropped off near any of the event bus stops on Katoomba St and catch the free event shuttle bus (see below).
  • Get dropped off at the Scenic Skyway East Station off Cliff Drive and catch the Scenic Skyway for free or walk 1.2km to Scenic World. The Scenic Skyway will run from 5:15am to 8am on the Saturday and can take 84 people every 10 minutes. It will start up again at 9am for normal tourist operation but a Scenic World ride pass will need to be purchased to ride The Scenic Skyway after 9am.
  • If staying outside Katoomba and needing to drive to the event, park at either Blue Mountains City Council chambers carpark, Katoomba train station commuter carpark or around nearby suitable streets such as Station St, Lurline St and Parke St and then walk to a nearby Event bus stop on Katoomba St and catch the free Event shuttle bus. Parking availability will be on a first come, first served basis. Refer to the map showing Suitable Parking Areas on Saturday Morning.


On the Friday, Saturday and Sunday there will be a free Event shuttle bus service to take runners, support crews and spectators between Katoomba town centre and Scenic World / KCC. Please use these buses as much as possible to limit event traffic. The buses will not operate after 11:45AM Sunday. The buses will be on a continuous loop starting from The Carrington Hotel down Katoomba St to near Scenic World and returning to The Carrington Hotel. It is approximately a 10 minute ride from The Carrington Hotel to KCC / Scenic World.

Refer to the map showing Katoomba Bus Stops. The Katoomba bus stops are located at:
  • Bus Stop 1: Opposite The Carrington Hotel at the top of Katoomba Street
  • Bus Stop 2: Outside Palais Royale Hotel in Katoomba Street
  • Bus Stop 3: Outside The 3 Sisters Motel on Katoomba Street
  • Bus Stop 4A: Beside Katoomba Cascades park on Cliff Drive at the junction of Cliff Drive and Katoomba Falls Rd
  • Bus Stop 4B: At Scenic World (at the Explorer Bus Stop within the Scenic World bus bays)

Only one of Bus Stop 4A or Bus Stop 4B will be in operation at any one time. Bus Stop 4A will operate from Saturday 5am to Saturday 9:15am. Bus Stop 4B will operate at all other times. It is a 900m walk from Bus Stop 4A to Scenic World.

There will be adequate numbers of buses to get everyone to and from Scenic World / KCC at the peak times on Friday morning, Friday evening and Saturday morning. At non-peak times there will be one bus every 15 minutes. Refer to the table below for the bus times.

On the Friday morning, in addition to the standard event shuttle buses, there will be extra buses to take ALL Pace UTA22 runners, spectators and supporters from Scenic World to the race start at Queen Victoria Hospital. Refer to Pace UTA22 Start, Finish, Checkpoints for further information about these Pace UTA22 event buses.


100km support crews and spectators should refer to 100km Start / Finish / Checkpoints section for information about parking at Checkpoint 3, Checkpoint 4 and Checkpoint 5.