SQUADRUN is proudly the official training partner for Ultra-Trail Australia, delivering tailored training programmes for hundreds of athletes of ALL abilities. SQUADRUN is a coach-lead training community of “Real people with Extraordinary goals”. It’s a support network of passionate and enthusiastic athletes sharing their training journey and a mechanism for 2-times Tarawera Ultra winner Kerry Suter and his supportive partner Ali Pottinger to deliver the right training specific to YOU.

If you thought coaching was expensive – THINK AGAIN. At just $15/w there is no better value training partner you could choose for your road to UTA. The SQUADRUN team is honestly committed to helping you achieve your goals. They’ll be there throughout your training journey and on race-day to see you succeed.

You’re given 7 runs per week weighted in order of ‘Priority’. You plan your week and complete the training in the same way you would were you being coached privately. The only difference being you decide how to fit the runs into your busy work/life/family schedule. The 7 runs supplied are tailored for your specific fitness so the intensities will always be provided to ensure you achieve an exacting training response to challenge you while developing your fitness. You do not need to do all 7 runs. YOU set the training load. Some weeks you might do the top 4 priority runs, some weeks you might only do 3. Should you want to seriously prepare for the 100km event there will be weeks you may do all 7!

YES! This is a carefully constructed training system that determines exactly what YOU need to do to achieve a specific target. It matters not whether you are looking to complete your first race, or compete for a top 10 finish, the fundamentals of training remain the same.

New for UTA2020 - Complementary Strength Programme FOR FREE!

Follow along with us on a Strength Training journey that'll take you all the way to race week. Get exercises delivered to your phone, specifically designed to keep you injury free and tackle the challenging Ultra Trail Australia course

Join the SQUADRUN family through the Ultra-Trail Australia Online Store to kick-start you training program with an initial trial of 4 weeks of training for $29. Once you sign up, the SQUADRUN team will be in touch with you to get you started! After your 4 week training period, if you like the program, you can choose to continue with directly with SQUADRUN for $15 per week.