Coaches are most certainly not just for the elites! A coach keeps you accountable and guides you towards your goals. A good coach will consider your personal circumstances and help you adapt training to fit your life. A coach also takes the guess work out of your training. With a running coach, you get feedback to make adjustments. A running coach will focus your energy and keep you on track at every stage of training. They will keep you motivated, help you prevent and manage injuries and will build your confidence as well as your mental and physical strength.

There are many exceptional coaches to choose from, and finding the right one for you can be daunting. In the lead up to UTA 2018, Ultra-Trail Australia will be working with a carefully selected group of amazing coaches. UTA affiliated coaches coaches are qualified, extremely approachable, professional and talented and come recommended by us!

Run Lab
Runlab was born out of a desire to enable runners of all abilities the chance to better understand their running, be challenged and over time improve and become a faster runner. For those who are relatively new to running or who are trying to improve their running, the task of understanding what to do and who to ask is overwhelming in itself, so Runlab was created. Runlab will help you “Achieve your impossible”. Runlab sessions are programmed and designed by Elite Trail and Road runner Vlad Shatrov. Our Trail running sessions "Mytrailgroup" are at the forefront of delivering exceptional adaptions required for running off road. We hold regular Running Camps and one day super sessions

The Running Movement
Based in Sydney with The Royal National Park being on our doorstep we welcome all runners, from the first timers to those chasing a PB. With coached sessions across Sydney you’ll also find us hitting the trails on most days.

We mentor runners and follow a philosophy of bettering your health and wellbeing through running, dirt or road.