Whether you are taking on the 22, 50 or 100, preparing your body and mind to undertake your chosen event can be a daunting prospect! We are here to help and have asked a variety of skilled coaches and ultra-runners to share their knowledge with you on all things training to ensure you are in the best position to achieve your goals come race day!

Below you will find a range of articles written by the coaches and writers that we partner with and trust. These are designed to help you with your training and your race preparation. If there is a topic you want to know more about, let us know!

Plan Your Checkpoints and Get a UTA PB by Mark Green - The Body Mechanic
Running 100 Will Change Your Life by Nick Muxlow - The Ultra Journey
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Running Training – How Hard Can You Push It? by Mark Green -Body Mechanic
Hill Running by Graham Hand - Up Coaching
Why the 50 Is Not Just the 50 by Darryl Johnson - Up Coaching
Hydration and the Female Ultrarunner by Lyndal Maloney - Serotonin Running
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The Benefits of Training on all Surfaces by Brendan Davies - Up Coaching
Recovering from the UTA – You need to restock your cookie jar! by Mark Green -Body Mechanic
Overcooked or Undercooked on the start line of the UTA? by Mark Green -Body Mechanic
What shoe for you by Mark Green -Body Mechanic
How prepared are your Quads and Calves for the UTA? by Mark Green - Body Mechanic
How to manage the “big volume” weeks by Mark Green -Body Mechanic
Hills and Stairs – Technique Tips by Mark Green -Body Mechanic
Hiking in Ultras by Kellie Emmerson - Up Coaching
Training for mountains without hills by Hanny Allston -Find Your Feet
Strength Training For Ultra-Trail Australia by Andy DuBois -Mile 27
Strength and Stability Program for Ultra-Trail Australia by Majell Backhausen - Find Your Feet

Trail Running Technique - How to safely tackle the stairs of the UTA course by Mark Green - Body Mechanic

2 exercises to prepare your calves and quads for hilly events by Mark Green - Body Mechanic

Foam Rolling for Runners by Mark Green - Body Mechanic

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