Start / Finish / Checkpoints


The start and finish of the race is at Scenic World on the corner of Violet St and Cliff Drive, Katoomba. Refer to the Travel section for information on getting to Katoomba. Also refer to the Event Parking / Event Buses section for information on getting to and from Scenic World during the event week.

Scenic World will be selling coffee from a van early on Saturday morning. Food will be available for purchase from Eats 270 within Scenic World from 9am Saturday through Saturday night and all of Sunday.

The Runners Lounge will be in full swing for the finish of the race on Saturday right through to Sunday morning. This is located within Scenic World in the Eats 270 dining area. Here you will find beanbags, carpeted floor to stretch, meals and drinks to purchase and a large screen showing the finish line LIVE. This is especially good when it starts getting cold outside. The Runners Lounge is open to all runners, support crew and friends and family.


Checkpoint  Distance  Location  Details
Checkpoint 501 28.7km Queen Victoria Hospital No support crew permitted. Water, electrolyte drink (pre-mixed) and gels, bakery items, fruit, salt, chips and lollies. Hot water, tea, coffee and soup will be available. There will also be a food van selling various hot food, drinks and coffee.


There will also be two other basic points on the course providing very minimal sustenance. These include:

  • Water point at Fairmont Resort at 17.3km with water, salt, chips and lollies only.
  • Emergency Aid Station at 41.5km with water, salt and lollies only.

First Aid will be available at Fairmont Resort Water Point, Checkpoint 501, the Emergency Aid Station and the finish. There will also be roving first aid crews on the course.

There will be port-a-loos at the start, Checkpoint 501 and the Emergency Aid Station. There will be flushing toilets at Fairmont Resort Water Point and the Finish.

You are able to leave a soft bag at the start so you can have warm dry clothes and footwear for when you finish. This bag must be marked with your surname and race number. Please remeber to collect this bag when you finish and at latest by midnight on Satiurday night. Any bags not collected by midday on the Sunday will be disposed of.


There is a 13.5 hour limit to complete the full UTA50 course. Your start group start time will be used to determine your race time.

The following cut-off times are for leaving the relevant checkpoint. If you miss the cut-off then you must follow the directions of officials.

Fairmont Resort Water Point 12.33am Saturday 17.3km
Checkpoint 501 3.38pm Saturday 28.7km
Finish 9.32pm Saturday 50.3km


Please note that in bad weather conditions, cut-offs may be need to be brought forward during the event.

Also if the first start group is delayed for less than 5 minutes the cut-off times will remain the same as those listed. If the first start group is delayed for more than 5 minutes, the cut-off times will be adjusted by adding 1 minute to all cut-off times for every minute over 5 minutes that the start is delayed.