The Course

The UTA11 is 11.4km. The start is at Fairmont Resort, Leura and the finish at Scenic World.

UTA11 is a great introduction to Ultra-Trail Australia and trail running. It is a challenging course that traverses the most stunning walking tracks of the Blue Mountains. It is very achievable for novice trail runners.


Download the UTA11 Overall Course Map
To view the overall course map in higher resolution, you should click on the link above and once the map opens in another tab, download the map to your computer, save the file onto your computer and then open the saved file directly from your computer in a program like Preview or Adobe Reader.


Download the UTA11 Elevation Profile
The course has approximately 560m of elevation gain TBC (560m of climb and 520m of descent).


Download the UTA11 Course Descriptions


There is a GPX file of the full race day course route. There is also a waypoint GPX file which has waypoints of the start, finish and 1km distance markers.

Download the UTA11 Course Route GPX File for your GPS watch.

Download the UTA11 Waypoint GPX File for your GPS watch.


Download the UTA11 Course Route in Google Earth

Download the UTA11 Waypoints in Google Earth


For the event, the course will be marked with red directional arrows on a white background '→', red crosses on white background 'X' and pink flagging tape. You need to pay attention, especially at night, to follow these course markings. You do not need to navigate your way along the course with a map and compass.

There will be course markings at least every 500m and at every track junction. At all track junctions there will be an arrow indicating the direction of the route as well as confirmation pink flagging tape along the correct route. There will also be a cross on the tracks that you should not take. There will be a distance sign every 5km.


We highly recommend installing this free app and loading the course map into your smart phone for finding your way around the course in training. It will also be useful during the event in case you need first aid assistance on the course and need to describe your exact location.

  1. Ensure you are somewhere where you have internet or mobile access on your device.
  2. Open this web page on your device.
  3. On your device, copy this link to the course map (long press on top of link and select ‘copy’ or ‘copy link url’).
  4. Download the free 'Avenza Maps' app from the App Store, Google Play, or Windows Store. If you have previously installed the ‘Avenza Maps' app, go to the 'App Store' on an Apple Device or 'Play Store' on an Android Device and check if you need to update the app. It is VERY important to update the app to the latest version!
  5. Open the ‘Avenza Maps’ app on your device (on an Android Device, open the ‘Avenza Maps’ app and you will be on a welcome screen. On an Apple device you will automatically be on the welcome screen as part of the installation or update process). Accept any terms and conditions if applicable and exit the welcome screen by tapping ‘Close’ on an Apple device or ‘Done’ on an Android device.
  6. You should now find yourself on the ‘Maps’ screen (‘Maps’ icon highlighted at bottom left of screen on an Apple device or ‘Maps’ showing at top left of screen on an Android device). The Maps screen will be showing one preloaded map called ‘Getting Started’. If you have previously installed and used the Avenza Maps app, you may already have other maps listed here and you should delete any old maps that may be either old versions or are no longer necessary (refer to instructions below).*
  7. To download the course map, tap on the ‘+’ (plus) symbol at top right.

  8. Use one of two methods to download the course map. Either:
    a) Tap the QR code icon in the top right corner and scan the QR code below or

    b) Select 'Tap to enter a URL of a map' then paste the link you copied earlier in Step 3 (long press and select paste). Then tap ‘GO’ on an Apple device or the ‘ENTER’ key on an Android device.
  9. Allow time for the map to download and process. Tap the map to open it. If you would like to change the name of the map, tap on the ‘Information’ symbol to the right of the map name once the map is open and type a new name.
  10. You will see a map of the course area with the route, important event locations and kilometre markers.
  11. Ensure GPS is turned ON on your device and activated for the Avenza Maps app (refer to instructions below).**
  12. Tap on the ‘navigation’ symbol (arrow head symbol at bottom left on an Apple device or circle with cross lines on an Android device) to see your location as a blue dot at the centre of the screen within the circle and cross hairs. This feature will only work if you are physically located within the area covered by the map and your GPS function is activated for the Avenza Maps app.
  13. To read your current location in latitude/longitude, ensure your location (blue dot) is positioned at centre screen (Step 12). Your latitude/longitude will be displayed as numbers on the screen, at the top or bottom. For latitude/longitude to be accurate, your position must be at centre screen.
  14. The app will work even without phone reception as long as you have pre-loaded the map file.
  15. Turn your phone off when not in use to save batteries, as you could need your phone to call for help.

*After the event, you can delete the map from your phone to save memory. It is also good practice to delete course maps from previous years so you don’t mistakenly use the wrong map:
  1. On the ‘Maps’ screen, slide your finger to the left over the top of the map name you want to delete on an Apple device or tap the checkbox next to the map image on an Android device.
  2. Tap the ‘Delete’ button on an Apple device or tap the three squares on top of each other at top right and then tap delete on an Android device.
  3. Tap ‘Delete’ on an Apple device or ‘OK’ on an Android device.

**Devices with an inbuilt GPS chip (most smart phones and tablets) can determine your geographical position using GPS (Global Positioning System). This does not require mobile reception. Follow the instructions below if you don’t know how to turn on GPS on your device.

How to activate or deactivate the GPS function on your iPhone or iPad:
  • Go to 'Settings'
  • Go to 'Privacy'
  • Go to 'Location Services'
  • Slide the bar beside ‘Location Services’ to the on (green) position. This will activate the GPS.
  • Also scroll down within the ‘Location Services’ screen and tap on ‘Avenza Maps’.
  • Tap on ‘Always’ in the ‘Allow Location Access’ screen. This allows the app to use your current GPS location.

How to activate or deactivate the GPS function on your Android device:
  • Go to 'Settings'
  • Scroll down until you find 'Location Access' or 'Location Services'
  • Find option that allows apps to use GPS satellites to pinpoint your location. Press the checkbox, or indicator next to this to activate or deactivate the GPS.
  • If you see the option that lets apps use Wi-Fi & mobile network location to estimate your location, we recommend disabling this option, to save battery power when out of mobile reception.

Course Map For Use in Mapping Phone App


If you are planing a training run on the event course, please refer to Training On Course for some very important information regarding National Park regulations, track closures, safety and out of bounds areas.