Start / Finish


The start of the UTA11 is on the Thursday at Fairmont Resort, Leura. For a google map click here. Note that you must perform Race Check-In at CMS (beside Scenic World) on the Thursday and then catch special buses from Scenic World to the start line at Fairmont Resort. Refer to section below 'Buses to the Start Line'.

Refer to the Travel section for information on getting to Katoomba. Also refer to the Event Parking / Event Buses section for information on getting to and from Scenic World during the event week.


Runners, spectators and supporters are not permitted to drive to the start, unless staying at Fairmont Resort, as there is not adequate parking at Fairmont Resort for both hotel guests and runners. All runners and any spectators and supporters wishing to watch the race start must assemble at Scenic World on the Thursday morning and then take the bus from Scenic World to the start at Fairmont Resort. The buses are free for runners only. Spectators and supporters must pre-purchase a UTA11 Spectator Bus Ticket to be able to watch the start. This ticket includes the return trip.

Buses will leave Scenic World in bulk at two different times. Runners will be allocated a shuttle time depending upon their start group choice (there are four start groups between 1pm and 2pm).This is to ensure runners arrive at the start line in time for their start. Anyone missing their bus will miss the race.

Shuttle 1 is at 11:30am Thursday and is for runners in Start Groups 1, 2 and a percentage of start group 3 runners
Shuttle 2 is at 12:15pm Thursday and is for runners in Start Groups 4 and 5 and a percentage of start group 3 runners

The final decision on the shuttle time for runners in Start Group 3 will be made in early April and will be dependent upon getting equal numbers of runners into each shuttle. Start Group 3 runners may be asked in early April to choose a preferred shuttle time.

Spectators and supporters will choose a shuttle time when they purchase their bus ticket. Once one of the shuttle times is fully booked, it will no longer be available and people will only be able to book the remaining available shuttle time.





Spectators and supporters may catch any return bus to Scenic World. The return buses will begin from Fairmont Resort at 1:10pm and leave approximately every 20 minutes from 1:10pm. The last returning bus will depart Fairmont Resort at approximately 2:10pm.

Spectator bus tickets will be electronic. Spectators will need to show their ticket on their phone or other device as they board the bus.

Runner's shuttle time will be printed on their race number. Runners will need to show their race number as they board the buses.

Facilities available for runners at Fairmont Resort include:

  • Toilets
  • Food and drinks including coffee


The Race Briefing will be held at Fairmont Resort at the UTA11 start line on the Thursday. It will be held 10 minutes before each start group.


Each runner may take one closable soft bag to the start on the bus. While a Woolworths/Coles Cool Bag is recommended, it can be any bag and as large as needed. Warm-up clothes should be placed into the drop bag prior to the start time and left in the designated area near the start line at Fairmont Resort. Plastic bags/garbage bags and hard plastic boxes will not be accepted. All drop bags must be clearly marked with surname and race number. Write on the bag with a thick permanent marker pen rather than trying to attach a label that may be ripped from bags in transport and handling. Drop bags must not contain any glass bottles and any liquids must be limited and if included, must be securely contained. Valuable items should not be left in drop bags.

After the start, drop bags will be transported back to the finish and lined up in race number order. Any bags without a name and race number written clearly, securely and easily visible will not be able to be placed into order. Only the runner can collect their drop bag at the finish by showing their race number.

It is the responsibility of runners to collect their drop bag from Scenic World. Any finish drop bags not collected by Thursday 6pm will be disposed of.


The finish is at Scenic World at the corner of Cliff Drive and Violet St, Katoomba.

Food, coffee and drinks are available for purchase from Scenic World.

First Aid will be available at the finish. There will also be roving first aid crews on the course.

There will be port-a-loos and flushable toilets at Scenic World, toilets at the Fairmont Resort, two toilets at Gordon Falls Reserve (2.7km mark) and two toilets at Leura Cascades Picnic Area (off course near the 4.6km mark).


There is a 3hour 30minute limit to complete the full UTA11 course which is 11km. This cut-off applies to every start group, not just the last start group.

The following cut-off times are for leaving the relevant checkpoint. If you miss the cut-off then you must follow the directions of officials.

Leura Cascades 1hrs20min (final cut-off 3.20pm Thursday) 4.6km
Base of Furber Steps 2hrs45min (final cut-off 4:45pm Thursday) 10.4km
Finish 3hrs 30min (final cut-off 5:30pm Thursday) 11.4km


Please note that in bad weather conditions, cut-offs may be need to be brought forward during the event.