Race Check-In

Race Check-In for the UTA11 event is done at CMS on the Thursday. Refer to the Event Schedule for the exact times of the UTA11 Race Check-In.

CMS is directly beside Scenic World so runners can perform Race Check-In and then catch their allocated shuttle bus to the race start at Farimont Resort. All runners must catch the special event buses from Scenic World to the startline at Fairmont Resort. Refer to Start / Finish for further information about the buses to the startline.

At Race Check-In you will collect your race number, participants emergency instructions and your Bag Timing Tag. The Bag Timing Tag is a separate timing tag to be attached to either your running pack or your t-shirt if you don't have a running pack. Instructions for how to attach your Bag Tag can be found here.

Late Entry Transfers are not permitted at the Thursday Race Check-In. Any Late Entry Transfers must be completed online by 5pm Wednesday 15th May.

For a google map showing the locations click here.