Support Crew Info

Support crews are not required and they are also not really necessary as the drop bag service at Checkpoints 3, 4 and 5 is quite adequate to allow runners to compete successfully in the event.


If you have a support crew, you must make sure they read The Support Crew Briefing section (from p33) within the Competitor Briefing document. It contains important information they will need to know for the event.

The 2020 Competitor Brief will be available one month before the event. Please use the 2019 Competitor Briefing as a guide. 2019 Competitor Briefing document


Support crews are very welcome to attend the Welcome & Compulsory Race Briefing with their runner at KCC Auditorium from 5:30pm to 6:15pm on the Friday evening before the race. The Welcome & Compulsory Race Briefing is compulsory for all UTA100 and UTA50 runners to attend or watch on Youtube but not compulsory for support crews.


If you do choose to have a support crew, they are only permitted to assist runners at Checkpoints 3, 4 and 5. These checkpoints can be accessed with a standard 2-wheel drive. For event management and safety reasons, support crews are not permitted at, or anywhere near the top of the Golden Stairs, Checkpoint 1 or Checkpoint 2 even just to watch. This means that support crew must not drive, bike ride or walk on any section of Glenraphael Drive (the access road to Checkpoint 1) and support crew must not drive, bike ride or walk along Megalong Valley Road South of the entrance to Checkpoint 3. Along Glenraphael Drive there is no room to travel or park without blocking off the narrow dirt access road to Checkpoint 1. This would prevent First Aid crews and event staff from being able to access the course. For Checkpoint 2 the runners travel on the only access road to the checkpoint so it would be unsafe to also have support crew driving, riding or walking out and back on this narrow and winding dirt road.

Support crews and non-race participants are not permitted to run with or pace runners.


Live results will be available via the event app and the live website. You should estimate how long you think each leg will take so your support crew can use this as a guideline of when to meet you at the allowed checkpoints. You can also phone your support crew during the event to let them know your progress.


Driving directions from Katoomba to Checkpoint 3, within Private Property beside The Six Foot Track in the Megalong Valley.