Runner List

Check your entry via the UTA100 Runner List

Note that both 'Start Group Request' and 'Approved Start Group' are listed in the Runner List. 'Start Group Request' is the start group you have requested in your online entry form and this may or may not be the same as your approved start group which is based upon your start group request and the start group seeding information you provided within your entry form.


Start group seeding will mostly be performed in bulk by race management in late August/early September. From 22nd August, as many runners as possible will be seeded from a downloaded list taken from the entry system on that day. These first seedings will not show up in the runner list until the end of August. Then another download will be taken from the entry system and so on until every runner has an approved start group. Do not worry if other runners have an approved start group but you do not as it takes 3 weeks to seed everyone.


Once your 'Approved Start Group' is showing, you may request a start group review. The request for a start group review must be submitted before 5pm on Sunday 20th September. All start group reviews will be processed within 1 week of submission with the last ones processed by 21st September.

The start group review process is useful for:
  • Runners who forgot to provide relevant start group seeding information by August.
  • Runners who complete a relevant event after August and before the mid September start group review process cut-off (only if the new information indicates they should be seeded into a higher start group).
  • Runners who want to change their requested start group to a higher start group (they may have already provided start group seeding information which could have seeded them into a higher start group had they requested a higher start group)
  • Runners who still have no results from a relevant event but feel strongly they have other running results that clearly indicate they should be seeded into a higher start group. The best result as well as the link to the url displaying this best result must also be listed in the start group review form. Note that Strava links are not acceptable as evidence for start group seeding

From 21st September, all approved start groups will be locked in and will no longer be able to be amended.


Any entry transfers completed after the main seeding process has been completed will be done manually on an individual basis. Any runners receiving a standard or late entry transfer will be seeded into a start group based upon their start group request and the start group seeding information they provide within their entry form at the time they enter. Their approved start group is not dependent upon the original runner's approved start group.


Race numbers will be allocated in late September once all start group seedings have been completed and will then show in the 'Runner List'.