Film Screenings

Thursday May 17th 2018 - BOOK NOW
7pm-9:30pm, Fairmont Resort, Leura

Friday May 18th 2018 - BOOK NOW
2:30pm - 5pm, Fairmont Resort, Leura

The Ledlenser Trails In Motion Film Festival is an annual international film tour that brings a collection of the finest trail and ultra running films to passionate audiences around the world. The Ultra-Trail Australia screening in at the Fairmont Resort in Leura will be the launch of the 2018 Australian tour. Come and get your Ultra-Trail Australia party started with this magnificent and inspirational celebration of the culture and community of trail running.

This year Trails In Motion features two amazing Australian films:

Best Foot Forward, the story of Paralympian and multi-gold medalist Michael Milton competing in the 2017 UTA50. Michael's continuing drive to take on new challenges presents a truely inspirational and amazing film as he strives to complete 50km course on crutches. If you were at UTA in 2017 and saw Michael on the course you will definitely want to see this.

During the intermission we will have a Q & A with Michael to answer any questions you might have.

Takayna, What if Running Could Save a Rainforest? The Takayna / Tarkine region of northwest Tasmania is home to one of the last tracts of old-growth Gondwanan rainforest in the world, yet this place is currently at the mercy of destructive extraction industries, including timber and mining. Told through the eyes of a rural doctor who runs ultramarathon distances deep into the forest to scout logging operations, Patagonia’s new documentary unpacks the complexities of modern conservation and challenges us to consider the importance of our last truly wild places.

Please join us at the end of the screenings for a Takayna Q & A with Nicole Anderson ( the main character in the movie), Hanny Allston, Jenny Webber (the Bob Brown Foundation) and Chris Ord ( as a moderator).

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