20 Aug 2018

I was never a running enthusiast. Nor was I into excess exercise on my body. However my life over the last few years has been re-shaped by many events on this planet in this lifetime.

I entered into the Scenic World UTA951 on a whim. It was pure chance. I entered my husband into the Pace Athletic UTA22. Then the thoughts flowed into me as I was reading about the steps. It was suggested by my husband who loves exercise full of energy. It took me till March to enter 3 months before race day. I thought 'I can do these steps how hard could they be?!' So I put myself and my 2 sons in this unique event. 'These steps were grueling', I was told by far more active and fit people.

My journey of grueling steps began in 2015. My life changed forever. I was diagnosed with cancer in Dec 2014. So my fight began. My families fight began to keep their loved one (me) alive. This too was enduring over time. I started chemotherapy on New Year’s Eve. After each all day session the one thing I did when leaving that unit, initially on my own and then whilst leaning on my strong husband, was to walk the two flights of stairs and not take the lift. There were only 26 steps to the top of the hospital, but I made sure I used them every time after chemo. To me they reflected that I wasn’t beaten. This temporary state of “ feeling like a Mac truck had run me over and over” was not going to stop me walking those steps to the sunshine. On the bad days I’d rest and half way up , but I always made it to the top. So how hard could the Furber steps be?!

So when I started those Furber steps, each step to me represented each day of treatment. Holding those railings brought back all the feelings of sadness to me as I remembered the journey of treatment. Now I was putting all of that strength of endurance to a good use! The aim to get up those steps for me represented my goal to stay alive; I didn’t realise how this would effect me. Walking up steps after chemotherapy represented a battle to me and was the only thing I could do that made me feel strong.

Achieving the goal of finishing that gruelling 951 steps was amazing for me. Entering into it gave me a goal , to become a strong women once again. I have another goal that I will work on as doing this event has given me the courage and knowledge that I can do anything. It will keep me alive for a long time to come. I will be back at Ultra-Trail Australia next year and hope to do the UTa22 and who knows maybe the UTA100 in the distant future!