19 May 2017

Due to a high volume of rain forecast overnight and tomorrow morning, in the interest of runner safety we are implementing alternate courses for the UTA100 and UTA50.
The new course information and race timings are as follows:

UTA50 - New Start Times
Start Group 1: 9:27am
Start Group 2: 9:32am
Start Group 3: 9:40am
Start Group 4: 9:48am
Start Group 5: 9:56am
Start Group 6: 10:06am

Course Description
The UTA50 will be run on the first half of the UTA100 Course. You will begin by doing an out and back up Cliff Drive with the noirmal diversion out and back aloing Glenraphael Drive, returning back down the road to the top of Fuber Steps.
You will then run down Furber Steps and turn right at the base running through the Scenic World lower railway station, across the Landslide to the base of Golden Stairs. Runners will run up the Golden Stairs and turn left at the top onto Glenraphael Drive and arrive CP1 at the locked gate.

After CP1, runners continue along Narrow Neck for 10kms before descending Tarros Ladders, follow the single track over Mount Debert until reaching the junction for Medlow Gap Fire Trail. Runners turn right onto the fire road at Medlow Gap and follow the fire road through to CP2 at Dunphy’s Camp. After exiting CP2, runners follow the fire road onto Megalong Valley road and follow Markers to CP3 near the 6 Foot Track.

Runners exit CP3 and head along Nellies Glen Road and up the 6 Foot Track. At the top of the Six Foot Track, runners turn right and follow the markers along Stuarts Rd Track to a timing point at the Katoomba Aquatic Centre. Runners then follow course markers along the roads back to Scenic World to finish.

The alternate UTA50 course takes in most of the 1st half of the UTA100, with just a few variations.
1.The course will have a differing first 4km’s (including less of Cliff Dr and includes the normal UTA50 section on Glenraphael Dr)
2. The course will cut out Ironpot ridge section of the UTA100 course, and instead travel directly along Megalong Valley Road from CP2.
3. After crossing Cliff Drive, runners will follow course markings and return directly to the finish at Scenic World,

With the above in mind, it would be possible for UTA50 runners to use the AVENZA Mapping app with the UTA100 course, keeping in mind the 3 course variations mentioned above.

Course Map
Estimated Distance: 50km (Please allow for a 3km variance either way)
Estimated elevation: 2000m