19 May 2017

Due to the wet weather forecast and rain predicted overnight, there has been a course change to the UTA100 in the interest of runner safety. There are no changes to the start times for the UTA100.

The course up until CP5 is identical to the original course apart from the following changes:
1. You will not go up Ironpot Ridge, you be re-routed through the paddocks.
2. You will not descend the Giant Stairway, instead you will be directed along Prince Henry Cliff Walk to Leura Cascades.
3. At Golf Links Lookout you will be directed up to Cliff View Road and through the Golf Course
4. At Lillians Bridge in Leura, you will be directed up Nature Track, past Edinburgh Castle Rock to Conservation Hut.

At CP5, instead of descending down Kedumba, you will be turned around and will follow the trails back across the cliff tops to Leura Cascades. You will then descend to Federal Pass and follow this to the base of Furber Steps as per the original course.

The course will be extensively marked, so please ensure you are following course markings.