UTA100 Contender Profile - Michael Wardian

7 May 2017

He turns up wherever there is a race to be run. Be it the North Pole or Antartica, this man has actually gone there to race. He is so approachable and kind with his time that Mike literally can calls his 5,000 + ‘friends’ on Facebook friends. Finally he is in Australia to run UTA100, known for being ‘Relentless’ for his running and selfie game, Mike will be one guy you have to meet at this years event.

Race Highlights: 
World Record Holder for 777- 7 Marathons in 7 Continents in 7 days
2017- 2hr 45min Marathon Average 
JFK 50 Mile 2016 – 4th  
Tarawera Ultra-marathon 2015 - 100 Km – 5th 

Favourite food: Almond Butter

Job description: International Ship Broker, Professional Runner, Coach

Star sign: Aries

I say Donald Trump, you say: President

Mike Wardian, we’re stoked you’re going to be in Australia for another run. How many visits to Australia is this for you?
MRW: This will be my 3rd time to Australia

Red Bull Wings For Life Australian winner a couple of years ago, World Marathon Majors Grand Slam averaged 2:32, World Marathon Challenge with 7 marathons on 7 Continents in 7 days and still managed to average 2:45... How many million Frequent Flyer Miles is that for you and the family in the last 4 years?
MRW: We have definitely gotten to travel a lot of the world and we are almost up for the next adventure. We definitely have gotten a lot of frequent flyer miles but also used ton for Jennifer and the boys to accompany me on these trips.

Has to be some other kind of record for you?
MRW: I definitely feel like I have had some crazy incredible opportunities and I don’t want to miss any of them.

So now you’re here to run 100km in the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area - How did you hear about Ultra-Trail Australia and what are you most looking forward to about racing 100km on Australian trails?
MRW: I heard about the Ultra Trail Australia many years ago when it first started as I had some friends go and run it and I have been trying to get the time from work, schedule to in up and support to make the trip myself and finally that has all come together in 2017. I am most excited about running the stairs, I think that will be a fun way to finish the race off and test myself.

When you did the final marathon of the Seven Continents Challenge here in Manly, I remember marathon champion Ryan Hall saying that you “went to the well everyday”, meaning that you gave it everything you had every time you ran. What is the mindset you take into competition to be able to do that, and how do you back it up not just month after month and week after week, but day after day?
MRW: I think I just love to see what I am capable of each and every time I run and race. I like go full tilt into whatever event I am doing and I looking forward to embracing the hurt. I want to, at some point, in the race question why I am out there. If I can do those things and seek excellence then I am super happy.

You’re probably the most eclectic endurance runner of the modern era, competing hard at everything from parkrun to marathon right through to 100km and 100-milers on road, on trail, and beyond. Where do you see global running culture in 2017? Where are we heading as a global community?
MRW: Thank you so much for that and I definitely enjoy running and racing and I don’t discriminate I love running on treadmills, underwater, on roads, trails, tracks, up buildings and just about anywhere. I think the global running culture in 2017 is getting bigger and more interconnected and I so enjoy that as I can track what my friends are doing and they can follow what I am doing. I think social media and access to everyone is terrific and builds lasting friendship and understanding and I think that is a great thing and something that I support 100%.

Top 5 bands or artists/tracks on your UTA100 playlist?
1) Eminem: Lose Yourself
2) Doors: Peace Frog
3) Police: King of Pain
4) Phil Collins: In the Air Tonight
5) Of Monsters and Men: Little Talks

What is something that people wouldn’t know about you?
MRW: I love chess and I am training to try and earn a Grandmaster ranking by the time I reach 60 years of age.

If you weren’t running, what would you be doing?
MRW: If I was not running, I would love to do more hands on charity work and visit impoverished regions of the world and continue to help people in any way I can. If I got to take up a vocation I would like to try my hand at beekeeping. I also have a dream to start a juice company making the most incredible fresh juice possible from organic ingredients. I am talking the highest quality that hopefully would educate people about the benefits of juice and what it can do for you. I am also really into water and bread and doing something in that capacity would be really interesting.
I would also be interesting in doing research and development for companies to design innovative products.